Stop Living In Fantasyland - 'Power' Edition

When it comes to dealing with the same uneducated arguments I used to make; I can be as insufferable as a former smoker around people having a puff. When I post something highlighting some evil being done in a state-run school, and someone comments, “just end government schooling,” I experience the cringe I have for my former self and immediately want to lash out at that person, And I often do. Why? Mostly because I see that response as no different than someone falling out of a plane without a parachute and somebody screaming to “just end gravity!” Will there be a time when state schools don’t exist? Possibly. Will that be soon. Highly improbable. So, we have to deal with what’s in front of our noses. And yes, homeschool. But as I’m getting tired of repeating, the 95% that aren’t being homeschooled are going to enslave the 5% down the road. Especially if you’re teaching your homeschooled child that, for example, power is immoral.

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