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Thanks for this message Pete

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Absolutely. I have been living by the NAP for years. The problem all of the NAP followers, myself included, is our definition of aggression. The left is never going to live and let live. They will never be satisfied until they completely conquer everything and everyone who doesn't agree with them.

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We start by strengthening our own gates. We work within our sphere of influence. My kids brought up a subject the other day that I would have thought was a joke or something out of sci-fi when I was their age. I was disgusted that they were even aware of the subject (we homeschool for cryin out loud)! We can't hide, but we have to address these things before someone else does for us. We might all be children of winter, but spring is coming my friends. Play the long game. That is what *they* do.

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I agree with all of this, but to enhance our ability to “defeat the enemy”, I know that we all must embrace the path of self-improvement. Some steps are obvious and oft-discussed: Regular exercise, improved diet habits - namely reducing sugars, outdoor activity & sun absorption, reading actual books, etc.

Along with all that, I’ve been getting into “cellular repair” - specifically NAD. I am only able to understand this in layman’s terms so I’ll attempt to explain it layman’s terms:

NAD is a coenzyme that is related to the mitochondria in our cells and it’s essentially a “power plant” that is responsible for energy levels. NAD is finite and begins to dissipate from our mid-thirties and beyond. My basic understanding is that low NAD levels result in reduced energy levels & cognitive function, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, poor skin health, etc.

Therefore cellular repair (e.g., boosting NAD) will therefore the negatives above will be reversed/improved.

As always there are multiple suggested steps to boost NAD. The best, as far as I can tell, is to do “NAD IV Therapy” which is relatively expensive. Another component is take NMN capsules (sorry, this is an acronym for a long scientific name). In the simplest of explanations, NMN is essentially fuel for NAD. I’ve been talking NMN capsules (1000 mg per day) for approx. 5 weeks and the improvement in my energy levels, focus, cognitive function and even my appearance is obvious.

Budget permitting, I’ll eventually pursue NAD IV Therapy, to achieve (theoretically) optimal results, but I’m

excited about the results of NMN intake thus far.

I encourage everyone to look into it. Podcasts are a good start. Search “NAD IV Therapy” on your Pod feed and take it from there. Again, I’m a novice here and I can only understand it in layman’s terms so bear with me.

I’m currently taking “AEON Longevity Complex” from Perpetual Life at the cost of roughly $60/month.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Perpetual Life nor do I hold stock. Haha

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Sorry Pete, I’m not trying to step on your work here. Excellent thoughts that hit the proper notes.

Have a good weekend everyone and if you happen to watch MMA or love combat sports, do NOT miss Dustin Poirier vs. Justin Gaethje.

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