Toward a Machiavellian libertarianism

“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.”

I’ve been contacted by many people who have heard me talk about Machiavellianism but have no clear understanding of what I’m trying to communicate. As we weren’t taught this in government schools, that’s understandable. This is information that “the powers that be” benefit from keeping from the “unwashed masses.” Luckily there are those among us who find out of print books that spell it out so that even those of us educated by the State can comprehend it. Following is a scenario I’ve created to explain how this Machiavellian approach can be used that is inspired by the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus mission of dominating local politics; however, please note, this scenario is not endorsed by the LPMC. 

Now, imagine you, as a libertarian, decided you want to run for mayor of your local town with a population of 30,000. The first order of business would be to decide whether to run as a Republican or Democrat. Local politics are dirty and running as an “L” is playing to lose from the get go. The next step is to have an advisor (who would have to be a lawyer steeped in local politics and loyal only to you) find out just how much power the mayor’s office has. Is the sheriff independent of the local executive (mayor)? If the office holder doesn’t have the power to fire, or command local law enforcement, you may want to look for a different locale in which to attempt this. The power to hire, fire, and command is crucial and will require research into determining how much control the executive has. While researching into power over law enforcement, your “advance” team will also be looking into every other office in the local government over which the mayor does have the power to hire/fire. Again, this will be essential to a Machiavellian move.  

If everything looks good on the full-executive power front, next up would be to research which issues facing the town are most pressing. And I would dig deep. How much funding is the town getting from its state? Is it receiving any federal funding? All of this is extremely important in formulating your plan. If the city is relying on outside funding for its major programs, expect the resistance level coming at you to be intensified. If it looks like the issues that are most pressing can be handled locally, formulate a strategy for each one that is the most populist you can muster. You’re playing to all sides and a smart team will be able to come up with solutions that the average non-voter or “sideliner” can get behind. If they can get behind the solutions, the “proud voter” should gravitate to your message. 

While your team is crafting the message, your lawyer and a few trusted allies will be figuring out who is most suited for the positions that will need to be filled after you terminate the employment of everyone in every office that you have power over. The goal from the onset is to clean house and fill every rank with like-minded people who will assist in fulfilling your agenda (going into what that agenda may be is a subject for another article, but I would start by searching “What Must Be Done” by Hans-Hermann Hoppe). This is the Machiavellian way; gain power, gain even more power, consolidate all power to you and then begin the process of implementing programs that slowly dismantle centralized control. Gain power to then give it away to the individual. 

The last goal is to get elected. This is where your lawyer who knows the local “ropes” comes in. Anyone who has researched how Barack Obama won his first local election in Chicago knows that he did so by playing by the rules. While some may call his tactics dirty, he was well within the law. If your message is on point, you’re a likable character and willing to use those rules, it’s doable. You just have to have the gumption to do it. 

Lastly, if you are elected and start to implement your plan, the “powers that be” are going to come after you, both legally and by bending the rules to fit their needs. You’re going to need loyal counsel that has your back and is willing to “go to the mattresses” for you. Politics is war by other means. And you just dropped a nuke on the establishment.