The Days of the Cancerous, Minority Influence Will End

Anyone immersed in politics knows what the title of this piece is referring to. In every party or movement there is an obnoxiously loud faction that can, and often does, exert influence beyond their numbers. The most obvious example I can think of is “The Squad.” And how do they gain an impact? By having powerful people or institutions run interference for them. Criticize “The Squad” and the corporate press will come down on you like a ton of bricks with accusations of racism or sexism. Unfortunately, this is something that has infected the nation’s third largest party, the Libertarian Party (LP).

With the rise of the “woke” and “social justice” movements, it was only a matter of time before their ilk decided to infiltrate and, in my opinion, attempt to destroy not only the LP, but the very ideology of libertarianism. Anyone on social media following the official accounts associated with the LP (the actual account, or the 2020 president and VP candidates) has seen this first-hand. Whether it be pandering to the infinitesimal transgender movement using terms like “transgender genocide,” or quoting communist Angela Davis in a racially charged Tweet, one must ask, why? Who is this message intended to reach?

The chair of the Los Angeles County LP, Angela McArdle, revealed on Episode 512 of my podcast that the former chair of the LP National, Nicholas Sarwark, made a conscious decision to appeal to the Left of the culture, thereby strengthening and encouraging the radical Left factions who had already infiltrated the party. He also ran interference when they came under fire from members who dared to question why there was a group who repeated mantras such as “rent is theft” and made comments about potentially harming landlords. What was the result of this interference? An attitude amongst many that anyone “to the Right” of Bernie Sanders was a fascist and should not be welcome in the party.

You can imagine how it was taken by this small cult within the party when a caucus named after the great Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises was started in 2017. The narrative from the infiltrators was that a “far-right” group was forming to turn the party towards fascism. As ridiculous as that sounds when you consider there were literal communist LP members being coddled by leadership, some may have been convinced. Of course, this is ludicrous. I’ll just mention here that one of the biggest issues the Mises Caucus has pushed is drug decriminalization. Sounds fascist to me. That’s sarcasm for those like me who are riding the spectrum.

Why do I bring this up? Many of these interlopers are still there and with Dave Smith loudly proclaiming a “take over” of the LP, they are losing their collective minds (pun intended). The attacks have started and we should have a strategy. My advice is to ignore them and never initiate conflict with them directly. But when they do launch a frontal assault on one of us, tag in everyone you can think of and embarrass these “fakers.”

It’s time for their comeuppance. We have the numbers and the plan. Now we prepare to mobilize. In my mind they are already gone. What we see out of them now are their death throes.