Never Forget, Trump Is A War Criminal

Barack Obama is currently on tour for his new book, “A Promised Land,’ and as you would expect the interviews are nothing but fluff in which they bring up “hard-hitting” questions about his “historic presidency.” Uncle Hotep mentioned on the Thanksgiving episode of “Hoteps Been Told You,” that the only reason he bought the book was to read anything about hid middle eastern wars. I’m sure there is no detail in there and phrases like “tough decisions” and “human rights” will be abundant. We should never forget the wars that Obama not only continued with vigor, but the ones he started (Yemen, Syria, Libya).

I have a strong suspicion that a lot of people, especially those who know “war is a racket,” may be tempted to make statements such as, “you know, I’m gonna miss Trump.” And most of that is going to be that he pushed the culture war against the radical, “evangelical” Left. While it was nice to see someone take them on constantly - as someone who believes they are violent psychopaths - we must never forget his record when it comes to foreign policy. The Pentagon only began keeping a record of annual bombs dropped on Afghanistan in 2006 , and according to Centcom, more bombs were dropped in 2019 than any year since records have been kept.

Some like to refer to 44 as Obomber, and he was, but Trump in the last two years has ramped that up while he has had people there allegedly negotiating a way out. That sounds counterproductive but maybe that’s just me.

It’s easy to look at Trump’s not having started his own war as a win, and maybe we should, but an escalation of bombing in America’s longest war should give people pause. The intelligent thing to do is to judge someone on their whole record, good and bad, and I can do that, and have. But to ignore the worst thing that States do, the “indiscriminate” bombing of areas that are populated by civilians, is to disregard what could rightly be deemed as genocide. The “Commander-in-Chief” chose not to bring those troops home, to not abandon a war that can’t be won. To shut one’s eyes to his war crimes because he was great at “owning the libs” is not to be the consistent mind that so many put premium on.