'Listen, No One Cares'

If you haven’t figured it out by now, calling out the Left on their hypocrisy when debating them is useless.  Sure, pointing out the most recent inconsistency to those on your side is helpful for their arguments, but you have to realize that hypocrite Leftists just don’t care. They want to win and will do whatever it takes. Are you willing to take the same tact; to not care whether you’re consistent or not? If you remain consistent in your beliefs and arguments, as we tend to do, then you’re gonna have a tough row to hoe.

The Right is just now starting to catch onto this. It’s still funny to see them use the “imagine if the roles were reversed” argument. I don’t know who this argument is meant to convince but my in-group uses it as a meme now. And when the Right does or says something that is hypocritical, and the Left calls them out, the Right immediately goes into groveling mode. It’s pathetic, really. But that’s how the Left manipulates the Right.

As entertaining as it is to watch these two groups of lunatics go at each other, I have to remind myself that this is the dominant voting bloc in America. The Left lies, cheats, steals and wants you submissive or dead, whichever comes first. They also want your children to declare themselves to be trans at 3-years-old and taken away from you if you don’t start pumping them full of chemicals. Be sure to wave good-bye as the State takes them from you. And they think it’s funny. Then there’s the Right which will probably adopt the Left’s positions in 10 years so as not to be perceived as “mean.” Two truly pathetic groups of humans that any decent person should want to distance themselves from.

I’m still trying to figure out what the benefit of being consistent is when I consider all this. At this point, finding local, like-minded people to team with for safety and support seems to be the most logical thing to do. Working to attempt change at the local level makes the most sense. I often begin writing with a positive outlook on the world, only to end up writing myself into a minor depression. But I don’t know how to do anything else except to keep fighting at this point. To keep trying to wake up the masses. If only they weren’t in a Halcion slumber.