I Made A Lot of Mistakes This Year

To say this year has been hard on me psychologically would be an understatement. I found myself constantly “reacting” to information and that’s not the spot you want to be in. If you want to be in control, you have to be proactive, not reactive. At times I was proactive, but it many cases I was just reacting to the information and stimuli being fed me. I think I did better than most but I failed often.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was preaching that agorism was the only way through this new world of CV19. Don’t get me wrong, it is the most important tool to bypass any shortages, supply line breaks, even to supply fake vaccine passports, but to believe that agorism alone is going to bring down the system because it HELPED to bring down the Soviet Union is naive. The current U.S. structure and that of the Soviets are nowhere near the same. The attitudes of the common man - far more important than anything else - cannot be compared. Not to mention the POLITICAL diplomacy that was carried out under Perestroika.

If you are willing to essentially dive into the gray and black markets head first, you may be able to survive. If you have a family, your degree of difficulty just increased. But I don’t want to just survive, I want to win. Defeating my enemies is more important to me than anything. If they are vanquished, or weakened to the point they can do me no harm, then and only then is the task complete. Anything else is just a continuous survival exercise and that’s not living.

We are looking at a fight. In many cases this struggle will be proactive and must be fought on many fronts. To make the claim that doing one thing will solve all of your issues is madness. Imagine believing that the Allies could’ve been victorious in the European theater if they only concentrated on dropping propaganda leaflets. You’d have been run out of the War Room. To only be promoting your pet ideology at this point, one that didn’t prevent the path here, makes no sense. Leviathan cannot be taken down by one blow. Several are required.

A second mistake I made this year was abandoning the Libertarian Party when the CV19 tyranny started. When I saw there was no messaging coming from LP National condemning the lock downs or government response I was out of there. I did what I accuse others of; not working to change the problem myself. In my opinion, the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) is doing work that is making a difference at the local level. If one dismisses their work as hopeless, or even counterproductive, while ignoring instances of the LPMC’s path bearing fruit in the war against tyranny, they are being dishonest at best. Looking at some of the plans going forward that I have been fortunate enough to be trusted with I can say that the LP, with the Mises Caucus leading the messaging, will be essential in the fight ahead. If you want to wait for the announcements that are forthcoming until you get involved that is, of course, fine, but I wish you would just make the leap now.

The Covid-tyranny that has been built this year has been difficult for some and devastating for others. The hope that it would go away after the election was a blue-pilled delusion. With vaccines being administered and Fauci telling you explicitly that he KNOWS “private” companies will require it for employment, it should be clear to everyone that the world has changed forever. If you submitted to your rulers for this, why not some other emergency in the future. That’s their thing at this point. They are obviously tearing down old financial and healthcare systems so they can rebuild them in the form of monuments to themselves and their Progressive ideology. Most people don’t recognize that their individual liberty is being chiseled away. There’s a multi-pronged fight coming and we have to sharpen as many points as we can. Losing is not an option.