Another Demon Who Wants To Own Your Kids


Telling you right up front what their ‘preferred pronouns’ are is important. Reality has to be challenged IMMEDIATELY. It’s just more normalizing of what is unnatural. 

‘Educator, consultant and author.’ She has to start building credibility right after she shows you she’s constructed a fantasyland. You may be shaken by her mentioning these ludicrous pronouns but no, wait, she has credentials. So do many sociopaths. 

Her book is an ‘LGBTQ inclusive sex-ed resource for 7-12-year-olds’. You got all that, right? Are any of you running out to buy her book with the intention of educating your 7-year-old? Would you be willing to bet if you ran the database for school libraries across America whether that book may show up. Heck, any library! 

‘Sexuality and education start the minute you’re born.’ She mentions ‘privacy’, ‘and ‘sexual in public’. What? Do you need any more evidence that these demons want your kids from birth? When she mentions privacy, she means the ability for your child to keep the things she wants to indoctrinate your kids with private from you. To believe anything else is folly. 

‘Drop the cons of talking about sexuality with parents’. Yes you, the parent, is her enemy. She clearly sees you that way. Another thing, and please DON’T MISS THIS; she and her ilk believe your kids belong to her. Listen to any of these monsters talk and it’s clear.  

‘Homophobic and transphobic ideas from parents can absolutely be a problem.’ Again, you’re their enemy. 

‘Bigoted, misinformed parents who have no idea how to talk about gay sex’. What parent, other than one pushing a political agenda, wants to talk to their 7-year-old about gay sex? I would love to believe these people are insane, but as time goes on it’s becoming clearer that there’s something else at work here. This is coordinated. This isn’t happening by accident. 

‘If they are religious, it can be very difficult to get into the conversation’. The war against your faith has been raging for centuries but it is revealed clearly in the age of social media. Your belief in ‘fairy tales’ is hampering their agenda. And they will do anything to break it. Mind you, a lot of the people you consider allies hold the same position when it comes to faith. That is something you MUST deal with. 

This is just beginning. There is nothing we can do at this point about the tyrannical State and their insane apparatchiks other than to mitigate their damage by homeschooling, getting more community focused with like-minded people and educating ourselves beyond the fantasy world we want to live in but isn’t going to exist in our lifetimes. We must build support systems. WE can get past this. But most of us are probably going to have to rely on other people. And, if those other people are sending their kids to be taught by the maniac in the video, you may want to sever that alliance. War is about trustworthy allies. With the right ones we can win. With the wrong ones we will perish.